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Event Live Streaming

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during and after an event.

Check out our Event Targeting program in action.

We draw a virtual fence around a certain radius of a convention center, hotel, storefront, etc.

Want to target a specific event, venue or storefront?

Once they have entered the virtual fence, we can begin showing them your message on the websites and mobile apps they visit most - no matter if they're at the venue, a local restaurant, shopping center or hotel. 

Through cross-device matching, your ads will also appear on desktops and tablets.

And will continue to appear 30 days after the event.

Leveraging the power of geo-targeting to help you stand out from the crowd.

Trade shows have long been the holy grail of B2B marketing by attracting a highly qualified and  engaged audience of industry professionals – your prospects and customers. Using MultiView's advanced geo-location

technology, we can put your brand directly in front of event attendees on their mobile devices. And through deterministic matching, we can match mobile devices to tablets and desktops, increasing your brand's overall campaign reach. But these highly-targeted audience segments are limited. So act now!

Connect with elite, highly-engaged prospects beyond an event.